Why I’m a Steel Horse Realtor & Company Realtor

I aligned myself with Steel Horse Realtor & Company almost by accident. A lender friend of mine knew I desperately needed a change of pace in our industry. I needed to align myself with a company who has the same core values that I do. I was contemplating my next step.

My friend kept telling me, "man, you've gotta meet my friend Mikey."

I was actually hesitant to meet Mikey - but my friend was sure this could be a great fit for me. My friend knew a bit of my background and talked with Mikey - who just so happens to be my broker now.

What is really nice about working as a realtor with Steel Horse is that family comes first and every one of us in the brokerage has a military member or veteran in our family.

My Dad served in the Army for 20 years. My husband and I have two sons, one of whom is currently serving in the Marine Corps. We have veterans working in the Steel Horse Realtor & Company office as well.

So why Steel Horse? The answer is simple: We work to bring the community together through simple acts of kindness and genuine concern for others - all while being the best agents!

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