Have you considered who your home buying/selling expert is?

My #1 priority as a Realtor® is to work for you and give YOU the best experience with full transparency being my priority – whether you’re looking into purchasing or selling. Additionally, I have a passion for helping those who serve and have served – our active Military and Veterans!

When I hear a Realtor® say they have goals they are chasing in this business, it’s a huge red flag to me… Don’t get me wrong, having goals is outstanding! However, how it’s worded – and the context in which it’s given – is really everything you, the potential client, need to know. Let’s face it, we all have dreams we are chasing, right? How you get there and the reason for doing so is the ultimate answer.

I personally find more joy and a huge sense of accomplishment in being able to act as a trusted real estate agent. I don’t worry about my next million in sales or how that will benefit me.

Look, you could be reading this thinking, ‘okay, everyone in this business wants sales‘. While that’s a fact, it is the ‘why’ that should concern you.

Often, when someone wants something so badly and has a potentially unattainable goal to reach, that person may not care about how to get there. This is where fallacies and the misconstruction of truth come into play.

I’m proud to join Steel Horse Realtor & Company – a grassroots “Mom & Pop shop” if you will – for that exact reason. Full transparency is of utmost importance to me, along with God, Family, and Country.

I’m in the business of helping people achieve their goals of selling their home and/or purchasing one. I believe I owe you the full transparency you deserve without the misconstruction of truth just to attain goals.

I know this process of transparency works because the tile installation business my husband and I run has been successful for over 20 years. We have always operated with full-transparency in mind – including in how we raise our two children in our hometown of Menomonee Falls.

I am focused on – and passionate about – serving our Active Military and Veterans because our oldest son is a Marine. There is a great deal of pride in what I deliver to each client and pride myself in serving you, especially focusing on what you need and want. When I am able to serve my clients in a way that they are happy with, it’s a daily sense of accomplishment!

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