What does it Mean to be Represented by a Full-Service Realtor?

Not many clients truly understand the meaning of being fully represented. Anyone can say, “hey, I’m representing you,” but do we, as consumers, really comprehend the meaning of it, or do we kind of blindly say, “okay”?

I know you always want to know that the person representing you truly has your best interest at heart.

So, what exactly does a full-service broker do over and above what flat-fee brokers do?

A full-service broker like me will not simply list your property. I stage, prospect, and market your home or property the way it should be done, keeping you updated along the way. That is what full service is. When I say I represent my clients, I am looking out for your best interests and that, my friend, is an agency relationship.

Representation also means that I review contracts and make sure you are keeping track of due dates. I help ensure everything is on track. This gives you some peace of mind so that you can actually relax a bit and know I won’t you let you slip through the cracks.

This is something you will find only with a full-service brokerage or me! With a team of professionals on our side at Steel Horse Realtor, we put forth our best efforts collectively to give you the best real estate experience! I also take stock in every person I choose to partner with. I don’t just recommend people because they sound good.

Maintaining a client relationship without numbers or sales in mind is when all of the pieces fall into place. Valuing your wants and needs is what I do best. I really want to help YOU.

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